live inspired
and full of wonder

Everything God created is made wonderful. It’s intentional and purposeful. My goal is to share how to implement those purposes into our daily lives for a healthy body and soul.

Just a girl living life inspired by God’s creation and writing about it along the way. Whether that is whole foods, essential oils, or even our own bodies. I also write to inspire women through the Word of God and how to apply it to their lives.
Essential Oils
God supplied for man’s wellness before He even created us! He did so by placing essential oils in plants. Oils are a passion of mine and you’ll find plenty of resources here to get you going.
My goal is to sell products that remind you of your true identity and value in Christ. You are treasured, redeemed, beloved, chosen. You are Made Wonderful.


Hi! I’m Lauren. Aside from running MW, I’m a graphic designer, wannabe homemaker, and step-mom to two boys. I am a child of God and live my life for Him. It’s truly my deepest desire for all to see the wonder and love of God in His creation. He’s made it wonderful…for you and for me.

I started my journey of healthy living 7 years ago and haven’t looked back! I love gardening and find way too much joy in it. I don’t always enjoy exercise but nothing beats a post-workout high. I’m all about eating whole, real foods, but you’ll definitely find me indulging in sweets, too!

That hunk up there is my boy. He’s basically the best thing. We like to be active outside whether it be hiking, tennis, canoeing, golf, biking…the list never ends. He’s definitely the better half.

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