Hands down the BEST way to get started with essential oils is to purchase the premium starter kit. It saves you a TON of money (we’re talking like $170!) and lets you explore so many different ways oils can be used in your life everyday! If you’re hesitant about jumping in with the kit and would only like to buy a couple oils at first, please shoot me an email and I’ll gladly tell you how you can go about doing that, and even how to get them discounted for your first purchase!

When you purchase a starter kit you get a wholesale membership. This just means you get 24% off all your purchases from now on! You are also able to start earning thank you checks from Young Living just buy sharing your love of oils with other people. There is NO pressure to do this and definitely not required! A lot of people just use their membership for the amazing discount!

When you purchase you’ll also get to join my amazing team of oil lovers! We are constantly sharing tips and tricks with each other as well as DIY recipes. I am here to help you figure out ways to use your oils and how to get use out of them every single day. I promise you your oils will not sit on a shelf untouched. I won’t let that happen! We have endless resources available for you!

Now that you’ve read about what oils are, why they work, and how to use them, I bet you can’t wait to get your hands on the starter kit! It truly is such a good deal. It’s over a $300 value that you get for $160! Signing up couldn’t be any easier.

  1. Click the purchase kit button on this page.
  2. You’ll be taken to Young Living’s website.
  3. Make sure “Wholesale” member is selected so you can earn 24% off forever!
  4. The Premium Start Kit will automatically be selected, now you get to pick your diffuser (I suggest the Dewdrop!)
  5. Feel free to skip the Essential Reward Subscription Box. We can talk about this later!
  6. Add any other oils or products you want to try and get your amazing 24% off pricing.
  7. Follow the process and submit your order
  8. You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail from Young Living
  9. Receive some free goodies from me in the mail!