Can I buy individual oils before buying the starter kit?

Sure! You can sign up for a retail account instead of a wholesale account. This allows you to buy individual products but you’re also going to be paying retail pricing. You can also email me and I will discuss other options that are available.

Can't I buy these at the store for much cheaper?

There are 4 grades of essential oils. Therapeutic, Natural/Organic, Synthetic, and Fragrance. Young Living Essential Oils are therapeutic grade, which is the the highest grade. That means they are pure and contain the highest level of plant compounds in them. The other grades do not match the quality of therapeutic.

Young living has a seed to seal promise. This means that they only choose the highest quality seeds, plant in the purest soil that hasn’t even been treated with organic chemicals (hand pick every weed), they plant on their own farms, harvest themselves and either use steam distillation or cold-pressing to extract the oils. They then put the oils through intense testing and 3rd party testing. They are the only company that oversees and handles the whole process themselves.

Other oils are often distilled at higher temps for shorter periods of time. They also use chemical solvents instead of steam for distillation. This maintains the scent, but degrades the health properties. This allows them to be produced faster and cheaper. These oils can contain chemicals, solvents, and other adulterations. Even if it says organic, or natural, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe to use, because in order to be able to say that on the label, it only has to contain a little amount of organic/natural oil. Because Young Living Essential Oils are completely pure, they are safe to apply topically, aromatically, and internally.

What are carrier oils and why do some essential oils need them?

Carrier oils are used when you need to dilute an essential oil before you apply it topically. There are some essential oils that can cause skin discomfort and should be diluted prior to using. It will say on the bottle if this is necessary. Carrier oils are naturally derived from vegetarian sources (olive oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, etc). They allow you to apply essential oils and still reap the amazing benefits. No properties of the oils are lost when diluted.

Do essential oils really work?

Yes a million times over! I absolutely love sharing about these oils because they have literally changed my life and my health. Everyday I hear about countless people who are reaping the same benefits. It’s truly amazing.


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